Breaking the glass Client testimonials


Client testimonials

See how our services have helped others in their personal career journey by reading their personal testimonials.

  • "Kymberlee is an excellent coach at preparing you to nail a successful job interview. I was someone who needed to refine my interview skills and Kymberlee was able to help me. She provides you with open, honest, caring and candid written feedback. And, she gives you solid recommendations to alter your approach to improve.  I highly recommend using her no matter what stage of the interview process you are currently in." Henry H.

  •  "I was in my career transition for a while before I met Kymberlee. Her approached was to first understand my personality and ultimately my short and long term goals. She spent considerable time just talking to get to know me which was key to the success of our meetings. She truly changed my approach by helping me understand how to better match my skills and personality with the right company. She got me to think outside the job search box by focusing on my skills and experience and less on the industry where I was most comfortable. She helped me tailor my resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight those specific attributes. As a result I was able to find a new and unexpected career opportunity in a completely different industry. Kymberlee's approach is one of sincerity and integrity. I would highly recommend her as a career transition coach." Robert D.

  • "Kymberlee has been a great resource and help in my transition and transformation journey to help define myself and improve my resume. Her comprehensive/holistic approach has helped me add a lot of value to myself. She is a good listener and is very thoughtful and deliberate in her approach to helping clients like me. She took time to understand my goals and tailored our meetings to suit my needs. Thank you Kym!!"       - Hetal (Dolly) S.

  • "Kymberlee is amazing. Her insight into the job interview process and how to approach the questions in the best possible way with examples from my background has been very valuable. She created a mock interview session for me, where she gave me valuable and constructive feedback and insight on where I could improve. This feedback has been essential to my success and confidence in job interviews. I would highly recommend Kymberlee to anyone wanting to gain more confidence, to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, for you to go into job interviews feeling more prepared and having a better understanding of the process."  - Ida R. 

  • "Kym has been a tremendous help! She is professional, timely, and knowledgeable. I genuinely appreciated her assistance with me landing a new career and setting me on track to a lifestyle that was more appealing to me. My favorite part of the process was learning about myself and my own personality traits, and how to apply for specific positions where I will flourish. Skill set alone, does not mean a position is necessarily best for you as an individual. Her guidance granted me confidence throughout the entire 2 week interview process. Thanks Kym! I know when it is time for a transition, I know where to go. Breaking the glass, LLC!" - Karrla S.

  • "I was having a challenging time re-entering the corporate market after being self employed and a stay at home Mom for years.  Kym came highly recommended as a career coach. We worked together focusing on career transition, highlighting my volunteer positions as an added bonus. Kym's ability to assess situations quickly, and offer concrete tools was perfect".  - Clarissa S.

  • "Mrs. Page was extremely professional and very helpful. I would definitely recommend her to friends and colleagues who are looking to make a transition to a new career". - Walter W.

  • "Wonderful experience, opens up your mind to great new possibilities. Highly recommended." - Vikas S.

  • "Working with Kym at Breaking the glass helped me to envision alternate career paths that I would not have considered based on my personality. Taking the personality test was fun and enlightening; good to know how much I've changed since I last took a similar test. If you need new career ideas, I encourage you to contact Breaking the glass". - Jeanette P.